Alberta provides $1.5 billion for Calgary Green Line

Green Line
Premier Notley and Mayor Nenshi discuss provincial funding for Calgary’s Green Line LRT

City of Calgary estimates Green Line will reduce GHG emissions by 30,000 tonnes annually

The Alberta government announced it will be providing one-third of the Calgary Green Line total project cost. The $1.53 billion over eight years will come from the Climate Leadership Plan, according to an Alberta Government press release.

The transit project will serve more than 60,000 Calgarians every day by safely and efficiently connecting communities from 16th Avenue North through the downtown core to Shepard in the southeast.

The Green Line will mean Calgarians spend less time commuting and more time with their families and loved ones.

green line
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“This project is about connecting Albertans – to work, to recreation and to home to spend time with their loved ones. This important investment will also create much-needed local jobs, support the quality of life in the City of Calgary and help to protect our environment now and in the future,” said Premier Rachel Notley.

Opening day for  Stage 1 of Green Line is expected not to be for another 10 years and is estimated to create 12,000 direct  jobs and over 8,000 supporting jobs, such as engineering, planning and administration.

More than 400 long-term jobs are expected to be created for the operations and maintenance of Stage 1 of the Green Line.

The project will also support new, transit-oriented developments like Quarry Park in the south, where people can live, work and play, and have access to jobs and services across Calgary.

“As the largest public infrastructure project in our history, the Green Line will transform our city. This is an investment in quality of life for all Calgarians,” said Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi.

“It’s an investment that will also create jobs and encourage economic and community development. I’m proud of the work we’ve all done to get here today and I’m thrilled to have the Government of Alberta on board.”

Once the full Green Line LRT is completed, the project is estimated to reduce GHG emissions by 55,000 tonnes of CO2 annually by 2048, growing to 67,000 tonnes annually in 2076, according to the release.

The City of Calgary projects the Green Line is expected to create more than 12,000 direct construction jobs and an additional 8,150 jobs in supporting industries over the next 10 years. More than 400 long-term jobs are expected to be created for the operations and maintenance of Stage 1 of the Green Line.

North American Energy News readers were enthusiastic about the announcement.

“I feel like it is a fantastic idea. An influx of infrastructure spending into Calgary will not only help with employment, but will also result in better transportation infrastructure in place when the economy gets going again,” said Russell Ozon of Calgary.

“The NDP is making sure that important infrastructure for the fast-growing cities gets built. There are a lot if regretful Ralph Klein voters who remember he shut down half the city’s hospital’s to ‘balance his budget,'” said Calgarian Mark Ruthenberg.

green line