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$50 million challenge for Alberta innovators to reduce oil sands GHG emissions by 2030


Oil sands emissions reduction funding challenge  Shell photo.

ERA has committed $340 million in funding to over 120 projects

Oil sands innovators who can help industry reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the cost competitiveness of bitumen production can now access $50 million through the Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) Oil Sands Innovation Challenge, according to a press release.

Funding proposal submissions are due Sept. 7, 2017, at 5 p.m. MDT.

“ERA knows that improving both environmental and cost competitiveness is key to the continued success of Alberta’s energy sector,” said CEO Steve MacDonald.


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“We have worked with our industry partners to identify the gaps that technology can close, and developed this funding opportunity to help accelerate the demonstration, scale-up and deployment of the most promising solutions.”

This funding opportunity supports the recommendations from the Oil Sands Advisory Group’s (OSAG) first report to government.

ERA worked closely with the Government of Alberta, Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP), and others to develop the ERA Oil Sands Innovation Challenge.

“Oil sands innovation was crucial in the past and remains key to Alberta’s economic future,” said Shannon Phillips, minister of environment and parks and the minister responsible for the climate change office.

The focus of the ERA Oil Sands Innovation Challenge is on breakthrough technologies for surface mining as well as in situ operations that are now ready to go to a field pilot, demonstration or first-of-kind deployment.

“This is a timely investment that will pay huge dividends in strengthening our province’s position as a leader in responsible energy development,” said Phillips.

pembinaThe intent is to reduce both greenhouse gases and costs by investing in opportunities including alternative steam generation methods, advanced reservoir production technologies and novel surface mining processes.

ERA will leverage its $50 million in funding by requiring industry and other partners to at least match this commitment, creating the opportunity for over $100 million in combined new investment.

ERA funding is provided by the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund, which is one compliance option for large Alberta emitters.

The Alberta government is responsible for collecting this money for each compliance year. Since 2007, approximately $740 million has been paid into the Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund.

To date, ERA has committed to more than $340 million in funding to over 120 projects with a total value of over $2.3 billion.

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