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Canada launches $155 million clean technology growth program


“The politics of division are not helpful. We must be united.” – Minister Jim Carr’s closing remarks at Oct. 11 Generation Energy Forum. Photo: Government of Canada.

Government claims its leveraging investment in publicly funded research, laboratories and programs

Jim Carr, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, announced a $155-million program that will fund clean technology projects in the areas of energy, mining and forestry, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve environmental outcomes, according to a Government of Canada press release.


“Clean growth is good for our planet and our economy. It also plays to Canada’s competitive advantage with the clean technology innovation that will make our country a global leader in the transition to a low-carbon economy,” said Carr.

“Strategically developing and using clean technologies in our natural resource sectors is one more way we can make Canada stronger and more sustainable, future-proof our economy and create new opportunities for generations to come.”

The new Clean Growth Program will promote and require collaboration with the provinces and territories. It will focus on five areas:

  • Reducing greenhouse gas and air emissions from natural resource operations;
  • Minimizing landscape disturbances and improving waste management in natural resource operations;
  • The production and use of advanced materials and bioproducts in natural resource operations;
  • Efficient energy use and productivity in natural resource operations; and
  • Reducing water use and impacts on aquatic ecosystems from natural resource operations.

The program will build on the momentum of last month’s Generation Energy forum in Winnipeg, where the public, top experts, industry representatives, traditional and emerging energy sectors, and Indigenous and community leaders from across Canada and around the globe discussed their vision for Canada’s low-carbon energy needed for future generations.

The government claims its a new collaborative approach, which involves leveraging investment in publicly funded research, laboratories and programs to better promote clean technologies.

Budget 2017 committed $200 million to encourage clean technology in the natural resource sectors. Natural Resources Canada will deliver $155 million of this funding under the Clean Growth Program.

“Canadians understand the need to protect the environment and strengthen the economy today and for our children and grandchildren. And through smart and strategic investments like these, Canada is reducing carbon pollution, spurring the clean-growth economy and creating middle-class jobs that pay well,” said Catherine McKenna Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

The remaining $45 million will support clean technology research and the development, demonstration and adoption of clean technology through Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.



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