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Trans Mountain Expansion route hearings for concerned Alberta, BC landowners – NEB


Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline construction photo. Hearings.

NEB received 22 statements of opposition to Trans Mountain Expansion pipeline for segments 3 and 4 in interior BC

The National Energy Board (NEB) will hear from Alberta and interior B.C. landowners who have raised concerns with the detailed route of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, according to an NEB press release.

The 1,147 km pipeline project was approved by the Government of Canada in Nov. 2016 along an approximate 150 metre wide pipeline corridor, along with 157 conditions that must be met throughout the pipeline construction.

The route approval process will determine exact placement of the new pipeline within the approved corridor. It is a key regulatory step required by the NEB before construction can begin.


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“The detailed route hearing process is a very important part of the NEB’s regulatory oversight role. It focuses on the specific concerns of landowners or affected persons directly impacted by the proposed route. By listening to their concerns, the NEB can ensure that the pipeline is placed in the best possible location,” said Peter Watson, Chair and CEO, National Energy Board.

The NEB Act sets out a process for the Board in determining the specific location for a new pipeline, and the methods of acquisition of land rights needed to be obtained by the pipeline companies from affected landowners.

The process starts with Trans Mountain providing notice to directly affected landowners and those who believe their lands could be adversely affected by the route of the pipeline. All statements of opposition that meet the requirements of the NEB Act are granted a detailed route hearing.

The NEB received 22 statements of opposition to Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC’s proposed detailed route through Segments 3 & 4 which is in the B.C. interior. A total of 20 detailed route hearings for this section of the pipeline were granted and two statements of opposition were withdrawn.

As cited in the NEB Act, statements of opposition that do not set out the grounds for opposition in regard to the detailed route, or the methods or timing of construction, or relate to issues outside of the Board’s jurisdiction, or that are found to be frivolous, vexatious or not made in good faith, or that are filed late, will not be granted a hearing.

The NEB also offers Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for landowners and companies. ADR processes related to the detailed route hearings are underway, and are expected to continue throughout the detailed route hearing process, with the intent to facilitate mutually agreeable solutions between the parties.

The NEB has scheduled hearings for Alberta in three locations to accommodate local participants:

  • Hinton, AB – November 20 – November 22, 2017
  • Edson, AB – November 24 – November 29, 2017
  • Spruce Grove, AB – December 1 – December 2, 2017

Detailed route hearings for Segments 3 & 4 of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project are expected to begin in Feb., 2018. Hearings will take place in Valemount and Clearwater, B.C.

Previously, the NEB announced detailed route hearings Segment 7 in the Burnaby, B.C. area.  Hearings for the remaining Segments 5 & 6 (Kamloops, B.C. through to the Lower Mainland) will be announced at a later date.

Details of these hearings and a daily schedule of appearances are available on the NEB website at Live audio from the hearing will be streamed through the NEB website.




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