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Woodfibre LNG gets green light to build BC LNG plant


KBR Inc. has won the contract to do engineering and design work for the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant in Squamish, British Columbia.

Woodfibre LNG plant construction expected to begin in 2017, operation in 2020

The Woodfibre LNG Project in Squamish, BC has received the green light from parent company Pacific Oil & Gas Limited, which expects construction to be finished by 2020.

Woodfibre LNG Limited will build a new 2.1 mtpa liquefied natural gas processing and export facility using electric drive at the former Woodfibre Pulp Mill near Squamish.

This decision follows the Government of British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Plan initiative, which encourages the use of electricity in the natural gas industry in BC.  Electricity from BC Hydro is more than 90 per cent clean renewable energy, and can help create the cleanest LNG in the world, the company said in a press release.

“At Woodfibre LNG Limited, building a project that is right for Squamish and right for BC is our priority, which is why we made the decision to use electricity to power our facility, instead of natural gas, following community concerns over air quality,” said Byng Giraud, country manager and VP of Corporate Affairs

Woodfibre LNG will bring to Squamish an estimated 650 good paying construction jobs per year during an estimated two-year construction period, 100 full-time jobs to the site during operation, plus a dozen or so administration-related jobs to Squamish during the life of the project.

“The Province’s decision to offer a competitive electricity rate for proponents that choose eDrive technology allowed this ‘go forward’ decision to happen,” said Giraud.

Pending permitting, construction for the LNG Project could begin in 2017, with operation in 2020.


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