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Christi Craddick elected Chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas

Christi Craddick

Christi Craddick,(center) was elected Chairman of the Railroad Commission today by fellow Railroad Commissioners David Porter (left) and Ryan Sitton (right).

Christi Craddick was elected statewide by the people of Texas in November 2012 to serve a six-year term

AUSTIN – Commissioner Christi Craddick was unanimously elected Chairman of the Railroad Commission of Texas at Thursday’s Commission meeting.

“We are in a pivotal time for enormous energy growth in the United States, and particularly in Texas. Through innovative regulatory oversight, the Railroad Commission has been a thought leader for energy states in keeping the public and environment safe. I am honored to serve as Chairman as we continue to drive Texas and the nation forward during this important time for American energy development,” said Christi Craddick.

“My priorities for the agency continue to include our focus on maximizing efficiency throughout our processes and rules so that we are able to do our job better and at less expense to taxpayers and industry. As part of that efficiency effort, our modernization of the Commission’s IT programs and processes will bring more data online for public use, improve productivity and increase transparency across all divisions.”

“Just after the New Year, I will launch a number of specific initiatives to help our overall efficiency goals,” Craddick said.

Those initiatives will include:

  • Meetings with Texas operators to outline a five-year plan that will allow us to better understand where the industry is headed technologically to ensure the agency employs best practices that keep pace with industry innovation.
  • Sessions with our district office staff throughout the state to ensure we are consistent in the application of our rules and enforcement actions carried out at the district level.
  • Input from staff involved in our day-to-day operations on potential ideas for cost saving and efficiency measures.
  • Tours of South Texas, Eagle Ford Shale and West Texas, Permian Basin regions throughout the spring to meet with local leaders about the effect the downturn has had in their communities as we work to understand regulatory impacts on industry and resulting economics within those communities during this time.

“It is critical we focus on hiring high-quality staff and place an emphasis on work force recruitment, development, and retention. Next year, we will enhance the development of our technical experts, including, cross training for inspections and permitting, updated training for oil and gas inspectors and succession planning within each agency division,” said Craddick.

“As we begin the Legislative Session in January, we look forward to continued work with legislators to complete the agency’s Sunset review. We have also put a great deal of effort into our budget request for the upcoming biennium. We will make our case for necessary consistent revenue sources for the agency as well as immediate funding so that we are able to fully carry out the agency’s important functions,” said Craddick.

“Earlier this year, I was appointed to the National Petroleum Council, and I look forward to working with the new administration’s Secretary of Energy on ways to protect states’ regulatory authority of energy production for the benefit of local industry growth and state economies,” said Craddick.

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