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Devon Energy announces record-setting oil well with successful STACK test

Well achieved 30-day average of 2,100 boe/d, consisting of 1,500 barrels of oil per day

recordOKLAHOMA CITY – Devon Energy Corp. says it has brought online another successful spacing pilot and a claims a record-setting oil well in the over-pressured oil window of the STACK play.

The Alma spacing pilot tested five wells per section across a single interval in the upper Meramec, delivering 30-day production rates averaging 1,400 boe per day per well, of which 60 per cent was light oil, Devon said in a press release.

In addition to the strong initial-production rates, early flow-back results from the Alma pilot indicate minimal interference between wells, suggesting potential for tighter spacing in the over-pressured oil window.

The Alma wells were drilled with 5,000-foot laterals and were conservatively brought online with a 12/64-inch choke and gradually increased to a 20/64-inch choke.

Devon also recently brought online a record-setting oil well in the over-pressured oil window in southwest Kingfisher County.

The Pony Express 27-1H was drilled with a 5,000-foot lateral and achieved a 30-day average rate of 2,100 boe/d, consisting of 1,500 barrels of oil per day, or 70 per cent of the production mix.

“The Alma spacing pilot and record-setting Pony Express oil well are examples of the excellent results we are achieving in the Meramec formation, which has quickly evolved into the best emerging development play in North America,” said Tony Vaughn, COO.

Oil productivity from the Pony Express is the highest of any Meramec well drilled to date in the play on a per lateral foot basis.

“These successful well results help us further understand the optimal development scheme for Devon’s industry leading STACK position as we prepare for full-field development in 2017,” said Vaughn.

With the Alma test, Devon now has two successful spacing pilots in the core of the Meramec oil window.

Production from two-well Born Free pilot continues to perform exceptionally well, achieving a 90-day average rate of 1,500 boe/d per well (60 per cent oil).

The next pilot Devon expects results from is the Pump House test in southwest Kingfisher County.

The Pump House is testing seven wells per section in a single interval in the Upper Meramec and initial flow rates are expected in the third quarter of 2016.

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