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Heavy duty truck makers want regulations harmonised globally

The leaders of the assembled companies referred to the progress made in UN discussions on the development of global diesel fuel specifications to reduce emissions

The world’s leading manufacturers of heavy-duty commercial trucks and engines called for further progress in regulatory harmonisation and closer cooperation among European, North American, and Japanese agencies.

natural-gas-westport-longhaul-truckingMeeting in Brussels, the chief executives of more than 10 global truck and engine manufacturers discussed improving energy efficiency and reducing fuel consumption associated with on-road freight transport.

“Heavy-duty engine and vehicle manufacturers are making clear progress in exhaust emission reductions and fuel efficiency improvements with sustained efforts,” said Martin Lundstedt, chairman of the European Automobile Manufacturers Association’s (ACEA) Commercial Vehicle Board, and CEO of Volvo Group.

“Accelerating efforts aimed at harmonisation of test procedures and standards are needed to further advance the global objective of greenhouse gas reductions.”

Industry leaders also explored the potential of intelligent transport systems (ITS) to further reduce emissions and improve road transport.

“The chief executives also agreed on the need to further develop active safety measures as well as the need to explore the benefits of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The best approach to reach this objective is for governments and industry to work together,” said Lundstedt.

Discussion highlights:

  • Fuel efficiency improvements and reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Safety measures
  • Intelligent transport systems (ITS)
  • Harmonisation of diesel fuel specifications and regulations
  • Proposal for a long-term action on the introduction of globally harmonised fuel efficiency measurement metrics and test procedures for heavy-duty vehicles


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