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Natural gas refuelling stations enjoy big increase in Texas

More than 7,200 natural gas vehicles in Texas, spurs growth of natural gas refuelling stations

A new survey shows 130 natural gas fuelling stations operating in Texas, a 25 per cent increase from September 2014.

natural gas fuelling station

Steve Ghormley from Freedom CNG and Railroad Commissioner David Porter fuel up a truck at a new Houston CNG fuelling station. Photo: Dave Rossman.

TheRailroad Commission of Texas survey documented 42 additional stations in the planning stages, indicating a steady build-out of natural gas infrastructure in Texas.

“The early results are in, and the numbers are promising. We have seen unprecedented growth in Texas’ natural gas industry; more natural gas vehicles on the road, more fuel sold and more fuelling stations installed,” said David Porter, who was elected to the Texas Railroad Commission in 2010.

“Fleets are buying more natural gas vehicles because we have more stations. And the more vehicles they buy, the more natural gas stations get built.”

The state’s 77 public fuelling stations and 53 private stations serve more than 7,200 natural gas vehicles in Texas.  Since Sept. 1, 2014, these stations have dispensed 14.6 million gallon equivalents of natural gas, double the amount this time last year. Forty-two additional stations are planned to open in the next 12 to 18 months.

Texas has more vehicles running on natural gas than on any other alternative fuel, according to Porter, who is a certified public accountant and has worked with oil and gas producers for three decades.

In October 2013, Porter launched his Natural Gas Vehicle Initiative, as a response to the Legislature’s charge that the Texas Railroad Commission educates the public on the benefits of natural gas as an alternative fuel.


As a continuation of his Initiative efforts, Commissioner Porter is hosting the Texas Natural Gas Workshop in Austin on March 26. The workshop will spotlight initiatives in transportation, exploration and production for fleet managers and oilfield operators.  To register, go to the Railroad Commission website, and search “Workshop”.

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