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North American Climate Compact: Clinton’s Keystone XL followup

North American Climate Compact a climate change plan

North American Climate Compact

Hillary Clinton released a policy paper calling for a North American Climate Compact, a co-ordinated Canada-U.S.-Mexico climate change plan.

WASHINGTON¬†–¬†Hillary Clinton has released a policy paper that calls for a wide-ranging, co-ordinated Canada-U.S.-Mexico climate-change plan one day after announcing her opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline.

The position paper from the presidential contender adds a new wrinkle to an issue that has inserted itself in two national elections, the current Canadian one, and the 2016 U.S. presidential race.

Clinton wants to follow up her opposition to Keystone with a more ambitious climate program that includes immediately launching negotiations toward a North American Climate Compact.

It’s the first time a prominent U.S. politician has explicitly linked the pipeline issue to more action on climate change from Canada, something President Barack Obama has never done.

Clinton says she would seek strong national targets to cut carbon pollution; ensure all three countries demonstrate a commitment to climate action; and create accountability measures to make sure each country respects its commitments.

The paper comes one day after she stunned allies of the Keystone project by announcing opposition to a pipeline she’d once said she was inclined to support, and she called Canadian oil the continent’s dirtiest fuel.

That announcement instantly became a 2016 U.S. election issue, as Republicans pounced on her. In Canada, the governing Conservatives issued a cautious statement defending the project while the Liberals and NDP jumped into it.

The Liberals support the Alberta-to-Texas pipeline and blame its delays on the Harper government’s inaction on climate change. The NDP opposes it, on the grounds that it would ship refining jobs to the U.S.

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