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Is Obama purposely trying to kill the Canadian oil industry?

A person on trial for murder doesn’t need to be convicted with a video with them pulling the trigger. But can you see Obama pulling the trigger after looking at the evidence? You be judge.


President Barack Obama is as much to blame for the United States of America government shutdown at Congress, according to Beacon columnist Bruce Stewart.. Photo: Handout.

Nobody on earth can say 100%, Obama deliberately sabotaged the Canadian oil industry to advance his own countries interests, or other countries, which is illegal under the laws of NAFTA. But…

Let’s just look at the facts, and let them speak for them self and maybe, at the end, Obama is pulling the trigger.

We’ll start with oil consumption in the US which has gone up 9 per cent in last year, far past population growth but has averaged more or less 1 per cent  for last 20 years. Look at production, Mr.Environmental warrior’s record.

According to the U.S Energy Information and Administration, 2009 production of oil was 1,954,241, compared to 2014, it was 3,179,285. Looks like his concern was same as the environmental organizations with the oilsands, if it keeps increasing we’re screwed right? Oh, looks like Obama screwed the environmental jokes as well.

Although consumption dipped in 2006, it heavily increased since 2009. Oil production has over 33 per cent increase in 5 years in oil production, mostly shale, fracking, according to Forbes, it’s up 90 per cent. Of course,  his administration controls drilling and explorations. Last time I checked, environmentalists, LOVE fracking! Right?

Hey environmentalists! Breaking news, Obama is massively expanding drilling and oil and gas production, pipelines are also being built within the US to supply it. So…Keystone XL is just about a pipeline from Canada. Looks like you’re getting the shaft environmentalists lol!!!!

Of course he wants the environmentalists to concentrate on KXL. That’s his job. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I drive that point home with more facts. Canada is the boogeyman, and he’s big green man taking on our big bad industry.

When did the massive movement to Keystone XL happen? 2007 according to them, AFTER the massive fracking expansion under Obama. Some of them included, Barnett Shale, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, etc .

When did Obama’s administration massively expand fracking in the USA? Obama started expanding fracking and well expansions years before Keystone XL was even approved. It started a small environmental movement, but, they need something bigger to take the focus of the massive fracking.

So, while environmentalists were absolutely hungry and were hating oil, Obama was actually heavily expanding it.

Obama has been heavily expanding it’s oil and gas licenses, development and technology in 2008. Also important, most of the pipeline was completed from 2010 t0 2015. You can see that here. I guess all those Keystone XL protests caused a hunger for more pipelines, just without environmental crazy concession because it wasn’t called Keystone and it wasn’t from Canada.

ObamaEven the fringe environmental companies have figured out that Obama is still building pipelines, his face is just too pretty for the mainstream. While America Spars Over Keystone XL, A Vast Network Of Pipelines Is Quietly Being Approved.

How many of you knew this, while Canadian politicians were desperately hoping for Keystone XL, in 2008, it was reported, under NAFTA, Canada was prohibited from cutting gas and oil exports to the U.S.

So from these facts so far, I think, certain things aren’t disputable, let’s lay them out. Agree or not.

  1. Obama is deadset on hindering any major Canadian pipelines into the USA while expanding the pipeline network from the geographical companies like the Bakken, as long as it doesn’t cross borders.
  2. Canada is not aware, that Obama wants to massively expand their energy independence through fracking. But, they will never sustain it, and within 10 years, this massive boom will be gone and they’ll be begging us.
  3. Through there fracking, they will be able to make our prices lower, giving their their refiners a very low price, their consumers a much lower price than Canadians, and overall, stimulate their manufacturers and  economy at the DIRECT expense of the Canadian economy.

Come on, We could say that all of Obama’s direct actions were just a fluke, but, at the end of the day, he did his job. He took our resources and make his economy better. His job, is to make the USA better. Sorry Canada, if his job is to solely make his country better, it was at your expense. So, need more proof?

Let’s talk consumption of the United States of America. Surely, with such an environmental minded President, who just rejected the Keystone, he must be doing a fantastic job reducing the consumption. Wrong, according to in a column written June 21st, 2015 and statistics taken from EIA,

“U.S. oil demand is staying higher for longer. For the first 24 weeks of the last three years, we’ve seen just 6 weeks below 19 million b/d in 2015, compared to 19 weeks for 2014 and 22 weeks in 2013. Year-over-year, U.S. oil use in 2015 is up 820,000 b/d, with gasoline accounting for 34% of the increase, diesel fuel 19 per cent, and jet fuel 13 per cent.”

So, U.S. consumption is increasing, production is increasing, and he rejected Keystone XL and as he says “will not serve the national interests of the United States.” When you’re doubling production of oil and creating an oil production war with OPEC, of course the pipeline won’t serve your interests. Our oil still will though, because as we see, they get it at a massive discount.Obama

Obama doesn’t mind the the increase in oil by train, or consumption by people, which is far most dangerous to people and especially the environment, see here an analysis by CBC.

Is this still the guy on the stand, who blatantly lies and is believed? Obama is a liar, but not only that, he’s dangerous to Canada. That must be clear by now.

If it wasn’t, TransCanada is suing Obama and the USA for $15 billion, and I think, as well as several international lawyers, they have a case. Under NAFTA, the purpose, which is to create a free flow of trade, you can’t just stop that flow, because it’s politically convenient for you.

A three-judge tribunal will issue a ruling, which can’t be appealed to any national court. The panel can’t force the U.S. to allow the pipeline, but it can award damages to TransCanada for lost investment.

Here’s the reason why Obama said, why exactly he wouldn’t approve Keystone, “”This morning, Secretary Kerry informed me that, after extensive public outreach and consultation with other Cabinet agencies, the State Department has decided that the Keystone XL Pipeline would not serve the national interest of the United States. I agree with that decision…

Unfortunately Mr.President, of course, it would be in the US interest to tell Canada to go screw it self. There’s no real repercussions, we can’t attack you, we can’t blackmail you economically, we have nothing.

Increase in oil by rail has increased massively, decreasing safety, massively, while not significantly changing production.

Why does Obama still strut around about the Keystone XL denial? It’s denial all around. In the image to the left, the increase in oil by rail has increased massively, decreasing safety, massively.

Here’s a quote from Obama(the hypocrite), ““We’re showing that there’s no excuse for other nations to come together, both developed and developing, to achieve a strong global climate agreement next year.”

My rebuttal:

Oh really Obama? How else can you contradict yourself? Are you sure you’re thinking of you, and not Fat Albert? You think your steadily increasing consumption of oil by the USA, or maybe it’s your own departments tractions where USA will be importing mass amounts of oil again in 5 years.

“If there’s one thing I would like to see, it’d be for us to be able to price the cost of carbon emissions.”
— U.S. President Barack Obama, interview with Thomas Friedman, June 7, 2014

Okay, if you can put the pieces together, that President Obama has no environmental concerns. He’s A-OK with oil by rail, he’s rather have pipelines crisscrossing America than one crossing in America, despite safety and economics. He has ZERO concern when it comes to Canada and it’s climate agreements as long as it doesn’t involve USA. So, where are his cost of carbon? I see it in Alberta, Canada. Sorry, have I gone crazy?

Or has Obama massively expanded fracking, oil, gas, infrastructure, oil by rail….basically everything environmentalists hate. And he’s somehow managed to make their mood like they were just jerked off by Zeus.

When is Canada and other countries going to call out Obama for what he is? A hypocrite! You don’t get determine our energy policies you fracking pipeline laying bastard. Not without market access. It’s called NAFTA. Look it up Obama, the policies you support are the exact same ones that made your country susceptible to billion dollar lawsuit you lost to our timber industry.

I hope you lose again. You’re the worst thing to happen to Canada, I doubt Canadians want to ask for more Bush.

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