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Ohio’s Utica Q2 production still impressive

carroll-ohio-6CNX, Eclipse Resources, and Rice were big winners in natural gas production this quarter

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) released the second quarter production results for Ohio’s Utica shale wells.

Ohio’s production continues to be strong, as the second quarter outpaced the first, even if the growth quarter-to-quarter was roughly two percent.

The state reported that shale wells produced 4,839,792 barrels of oil and 334,257,982 Mcf (334 billion cubic feet) of natural gas.

It’s important to remember that the production coming out of Ohio’s Utica shale has been staggering over the past few quarters.

While these numbers may not be as large as past quarter-to-quarter increases , the overall story of Ohio’s natural gas production has in fact been pretty impressive .

Not surprisingly, of the 1,415 horizontal shale wells, 1,362 of which reported oil and natural gas production during the quarter, the top five natural gas wells were in Monroe and Belmont counties, while the top producing oil wells were in Guernsey and Harrison County.

CNX, Eclipse Resources, and Rice were the big winners this quarter for natural gas production, while Ascent, Chesapeake, and Eclipse saw the best producing oil wells.

The average amount of oil produced was 3,553 barrels, while the average amount of natural gas produced was 245,417 Mcf. Wells reported were in production an average of 87 days.


The Ohio Oil and Gas Association (OOGA) has also been tracking the progress of Ohio’s shale production, and as you can see, in spite of reduced drilling, the overall story is that the Utica Shale is still going strong.


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