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University of Calgary helps Mexico implement ambitious energy reforms

University of Calgary energy expertise ignites $12 million collaboration with Mexico

University of Calgary

Janaka Ruwanpura, vice-provost (international), University of Calgary

The University of Calgary and the Mexican Ministry of Energy (SENER) recently signed a collaboration note that opens up a long-term partnership to help Mexico boost its energy sector.

“Our partners told us that Mexico’s main priority is energy and we worked together to match our strengths to their specific needs,” said Dru Marshall, provost and vice president (academic), who chairs the Mexico Regional Advisory Council at the University of Calgary.

As part of this partnership, SENER has allocated $12 million over four years for Mexican organizations to collaborate with the University of Calgary on energy research and education. The University of Calgary signed two concept notes with Mexico’s government.

The first focuses on exploring the development of a Global Research Initiative and site in Mexico City for science, technology, energy regulation, governance and industry development. The second note promotes human resource capacity development in collaboration with University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy and the Mexican Academy of Engineering.

“The signing of both concept notes will help us to further our partnerships with key academic institutions throughout Mexico.” “Mexico is a country of emphasis for us as part of our international strategy,” said Janaka Ruwanpura, vice-provost (international), University of Calgary in a press release.

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“Our vision is to establish a Global Research Initiative and site in Mexico to help advance our energy research and international strategies.” “It is an honor and a privilege to partner with the University of Calgary,” said Leonardo Beltrán, Undersecretary of Planning and Transition, Mexico Ministry of Energy. “The university is a key partner for Mexico’s talent development efforts.”

As of 2015, the University of Calgary has 17 active or pending institutional agreements and at least four research collaborations with higher education institutions in Mexico. In December 2013, Mexico launched an extensive energy reform in order to open up its oil and gas sector to foreign investment.

University of Calgary

Leonardo Beltrán, Undersecretary of Planning and Transition, Mexico Ministry of Energy

“The most profound purpose of our energy reform is to create more and better opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship for young Mexican professionals,” said Pedro Joaquín Coldwell, Mexico’s Secretary of Energy.

In April 2014, the University of Calgary moved forward on its International Strategy by forming a regional advisory council mandated to expand research and educational partnerships in the key areas of Mexico.

“The University of Calgary will be a great partner in opening avenues for training and knowledge development for our best people to pursue the opportunities brought along by the implementation of the energy reform. We are excited to begin this venture with an institution that is both prestigious and of high relevance to the global energy industry,” said Coldwell.

Under the strategy, the university has committed to increase diversity of students on campus, increase cross cultural competencies, advance educational and research partnerships, and boost international development efforts in six countries of emphasis, one of which being Mexico.

“The University of Calgary applauds Mexico’s ambitious efforts to reform its energy sector,” said University of Calgary vice-president (research) Ed McCauley. “We thank the Government of Mexico for choosing to partner with our university and we are very excited to be undertaking this innovative collaboration, which will benefit both countries.”

Janaka Ruwanpura, vice-provost (international) for the University of Calgary will be available for media interviews on Thursday, January 21 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. MST. Please contact Media Relations to schedule an interview.


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