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Watts Bar, Tennessee nuclear plant granted operating licence

Watts Bar 1 and 2 to provide power to 1.3 million homes

Watts Bar

Watts Bar units 1 and 2 will produce carbon-free energy for 1.3 million homes.  Tennessee Valley Authority photo.

On Thursday, federal regulators granted an operating licence for Watts Bar Unit 2 in Tennessee, the first new nuclear reactor to begin operations in the US in nearly two decades.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission granted the operating licence for the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Watts Bar Unit 2.

With the operating licence, construction on the project comes to an end and the team will now focus on readying the initial fuel load and readying key components and systems for operation.

The unit is scheduled to begin operation in 2016.

The Tennessee Valley Authority says the completion of the project¬†is essential to the diversification of TVA’s power sources and to ensure the over nine million people served by the TVA will have affordable and reliable electricity.

Watts Bar 1 and 2 will produce nearly 2,300 megawatts of carbon-free energy, enough to power 1.3 million homes.


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