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Gasland director accuses Obama’s former EPA Chief of ‘Lying’ about fracking


Director Josh Fox Source: Politico

Embattled Gasland Director Josh Fox, whose films have been utterly discredited, had a meltdown this week during an interview with the BBC, when he was asked some tough questions about his debunked films.

After BBC’s Sarah Montague brought up the fact that former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson said there were “no confirmed cases” of water contamination from the fracking process, Josh Fox went on a rant that culminated in him calling Jackson a liar. Here’s how that went down:

Montague: Hang on, why in that case – just picking up one of your points – why if it’s so clear on the contamination of drinking water did the former head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) say to Congress that there have been zero proven cases of water contamination due to fracking?

Josh Fox: Well she was lying. Lisa Jackson was absolutely not saying correctly the information.

Montague: She was lying? She testified before Congress and you say she was lying?

Click here to listen to the entire interview starting at 2:21:58.

After the interview, Director Josh Fox filmed himself having a temper tantrum outside the BBC studio where he proceeded to claim it was a “sneak attack” and that the BBC was “an arm of the oil and gas industry.”

Oh and he also called the mainstream media “assholes.”

This isn’t the first time Fox has resorted to calling people liars if they challenge the phony claims in his films.

After EPA released its landmark groundwater study, which found “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systemic impacts to drinking water resources,” Fox appeared on Fox Business for an interview with Stuart Varney to discuss the results.

When Varney told him he could light his water on fire at a property in Pennsylvania long before fracking, Fox accused him of lying:

Josh Fox: You are absolutely wrong.

Varney: I did it myself.

Josh Fox: I do believe you’re lying right now.

Varney: Lying?!

Josh Fox: Yes I do, on your own show.

Varney: This interview is over young man. The interview is over, I am not lying, I did it myself. Thank you, goodbye. You’re out of here son, you are out of here.

Of course, Director Josh Fox and his anti-fracking allies, have been getting a lot of pushback lately from Democrats who are leaders in the climate movement, including President Obama who said in an interview with Leonardo DiCaprio,

[Anti-fracking activists’] attitude is we got to leave that stuff in the ground if we’re going to solve climate change. And I get all that.  On the other hand, the fact that we’re transitioning from coal to natural gas means less greenhouse gases.”

Newly leaked emails from Hillary Clinton’s aides show her campaign thinks the anti-fracking agenda is “extreme,” “unfeasible” and “irresponsible.”

We almost feel sorry for Josh Fox, who must be feeling pretty lonely – but his temper tantrums aren’t doing him any favors.

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