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Importance of rule of law to protect energy infrastructure, American jobs – API


Dakota Access Pipeline Red Warrior Camp Facebook photo.

No legal justification for prohibiting infrastructure project provided, could have chilling effect on other construction projects

WASHINGTON – API Midstream Group Director Robin Rorick underscored the importance of maintaining the rule of law and the benefits of increased infrastructure as the D.C. Circuit of Appeals heard oral arguments on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Three federal appeals judges in Washington, D.C., heard arguments on Wednesday over whether to stop work on the Dakota Access pipeline in parts of North Dakota where the Standing Rock Sioux and other tribes say the project will desecrate sacred land.

The judges are not expected to rule for months. In September, they ordered the group of firms building the pipeline, led by Energy Transfer Partners LP, to pause construction on the disputed section of the route while they consider the tribes’ request that the US government withdraw permits for the project.

Building on America’s 21st century energy renaissance – and the consumer, manufacturing and climate benefits that go with it – requires 21st century energy infrastructure, according to API.

Expanding energy infrastructure, like pipelines, to keep pace with new production will not only keep energy moving safely, affordably and efficiently to homes and businesses that require it, it will also generate major job growth.

“In addition, disregarding a successfully completed approval process and halting legal construction already in progress sets a dangerous precedent for other non-oil and gas projects like roads, bridges, tunnels and electricity transmission lines,” said Rorick.

Recent actions by the administration to ignore the rule of law and unilaterally halt the progress of the of the Dakota Access Pipeline’s development are extremely troubling and a tangible example of politics superseding process, according to API.

No legal justification for prohibiting this infrastructure project was provided, and it could have a chilling effect on similar construction projects.

“It is imperative for this and other infrastructure projects that rule of law is followed. We owe it to the people whose jobs depend on it and the consumers who benefit from it,” said Rorick.


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