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Right-wing foundation for clean energy launches

ClearPath intends to mobilze center-right voters in run up to 2016 election

Why should the left have all the fun? That’s the question being asked – and answered – by conservative climate change activist Jay Faison as he launches his $165 million foundation, ClearPath.


Jay Faison, ClearPath managing partner.

The North Carolina-based organization will make strategic grants for research and policy development, and engage in targeted advocacy at both the state and national levels. Forty million dollars is already committed to these collective efforts through to the end of 2016, ClearPath announced in a release.

Founder Jay Faison has personally committed an additional $10 million endowment to a 501(c)(4), which is underway and will raise additional funds.

“I started ClearPath because I saw a big need in the public and political dialogue,” said Jay Faison, who is the foundation’s managing partner, a successful entrepreneur, and “lifelong conservative.”

With an election year coming up, ClearPath hopes to be front and centre in public debate over energy and climate change issues.

“We’re heading into an election year, and I believe it’s critical to get everyone debating the solutions not arguing over the science,” said Faison. “For the sake of American jobs, national security and economic prosperity, we must accelerate our clean energy future.”


Rich Powell, ClearPath partner.

ClearPath launched its first major initiative Tuesday,, which will help build support for center-right clean energy and climate solutions,

“Through, we will inform, engage, gather, and activate center-right Americans on market-based solutions for clean energy and climate issues,” Faison said..

The digital platform is intended to showcase “factual, clear, and compelling information on solutions that support U.S. innovation, economic growth, job creation, and energy independence,” according to ClearPath Partner Rich Powell.

“Our goal is to be a trusted source and active community for those on the center-right, most of whom agree with the science but not command-and-control policies,” said Powell. is building a full editorial and technology team staffed by researchers, digital strategists, and journalists who have worked for organizations such as McKinsey & Company, and Bank of America.

The site will deliver a regular mix of original and curated content, data, and breaking news such as Oil Companies: “Climate Action Needed” and “America’s Solar Boom in Six Charts.”.

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