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Calgary-based CleanCarbon Energy in deal to develop CO2 to energy conversion tech


Craig Pichach, green shirt, discussing CleanCarbon Energy technology with team members

Integrated research program will be performed at both WRI in Wyoming and at Olds College, Alberta

CleanCarbon Energy Inc., a Calgary-based company engaged in sustainable energy technology commercialization, has reached an agreement in principle with Western Research Institute (WRI) to jointly develop a family of carbon dioxide (CO2) to energy conversion processes.

In the agreement, WRI will receive an equity stake in CleanCarbon in return for an exclusive international license to WRI’s Chemolithoautotrophic (CAT™) technology.

Leveraging the technologies of both organizations, the WRI and CleanCarbon integrated research program aims to commercialize a new pathway for inexpensive, carbon-balanced sources of energy and hydrocarbon products with the least-possible fresh water and surface footprint requirement.

“We are very excited to partner with CleanCarbon Energy as we both are focused on developing technologies to use the world’s natural carbon-rich resources in the most sustainable ways,” stated Don Collins, Chief Executive Officer of WRI.

This Agreement in Principle combines WRI’s CAT™ technology to convert CO2 to biomass with CleanCarbon’s in-situ geo-reservoir reactors and Downhole Flexible-Fuel Gasifier technologies resulting in a low cost biomass to synthesis gas (Syngas) conversion process.

Partially supported by the United States Department of Energy, WRI’s CATTM technology is a biological process for recycling carbon produced as a byproduct of some forms of electricity generation by capturing CO2 and converting it to valuable products.

Through the use of the CATTM process, a substantial net reduction of atmospheric CO2 is achieved by both recycling carbon and displacing CO2emissions from conventional hydrocarbon combustion based processes.

CleanCarbon’s Downhole Flex-Fuel Gasifier technology provides a low capital and operating cost solution to convert feedstocks of biomass and coal to Syngas which is rich in hydrogen and sequestered carbon.

By utilizing geothermal energy in the Earth’s subsurface, the CleanCarbon and WRI technologies combine to convert CO2 first to biomass and then to Syngas.

Further refining of Syngas yields higher value products used globally every day such as power, biodiesel, gasoline, jet fuel, plastics and carbon fibers.

The integrated research program led by CleanCarbon will be performed at both WRI in Wyoming and at Olds College School of Innovation (OCSI) in Canada.

The two organizations intend to submit combined research proposals to both US and Canadian stakeholders in the coming year to fast track the technology development and commercialization process.

“We are excited at the opportunity to work with a research leader like the Western Research Institute to move forward new technologies that could have a substantial impact on reducing atmospheric global carbon dioxide concentrations while at the same time boosting production of carbon balanced renewable energy products,” said Garry Pichach, P.Eng, VP New Technology of CleanCarbon Energy.

“Unlike other renewable energy strategies the WRI’s CATTM technology deployed using in situ formations can be scaled up to commercial development with minimal land footprint and capital cost.”

The Western Research Institute, located in Laramie, Wyoming, is a multi-million dollar, not-for-profit, research organization renowned for work in advanced energy systems, environmental and roadway materials research and technologies.

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