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CNR supports CanaPux pilot project to ship solid bitumen by rail


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Toyo will create equipment to solidify and re-liquefy up to 1,000 barrels of bitumen per day for pilot project

CNR says Calgary-headquartered Toyo Engineering Canada Ltd. has been selected to design and build a pilot project to produce CanaPux pellets, a key step toward demonstrating the commercial viability of moving bitumen by rail in solid form, according to a press release.

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“Working with InnoTech Alberta, CNR has developed CanaPux, an innovative product and new way of transporting bitumen that puts both safety and the environment at the forefront,” said Janet Drysdale, vice-president of corporate development & sustainability at CN.

“This partnership with Toyo continues our development of a new supply chain that has the potential to unlock offshore markets for Canada’s energy producers.”

CanaPux are solid, dry pellets that will meet the rigorous strength requirements for bulk transport, float in water and do not leak or dissolve, so there is minimal risk of environmental contamination to oceans, lakes and rivers, according to the press release.

“Toyo is proud to partner with CN and InnoTech Alberta to build upon the innovative work they have done in the development of CanaPux pellets,” said Taro Takahashi, president of Toyo Engineering Canada Ltd.

Toyo will participate in a closed-loop pilot project to create equipment that can solidify and re-liquefy up to 1,000 barrels of bitumen per day.

“Demonstrating how bitumen will be transformed from liquid to solid form and loaded into rail cars will be key to the successful launch of this new supply chain,” said Takahashi.

CN and Toyo will create a presentation centre where interested shippers, potential commercial partners and key stakeholders can see the equipment and how the CanaPux pellets process would work from origin in Alberta to potential customer destinations in markets around the world.

“This is an exciting step in the development of CanaPux pellets and we look forward to working with Toyo to move this oil sands innovation forward,” said Ross Chow, managing director of InnoTech Alberta.

With the pilot, CN will produce CanaPux pellets for further large-scale supply chain testing, including movement of pux in rail gondola cars, unloading at port locations, storage in ground piles and loading of ships.

At the same time, CN continues to explore potential licensing options for CanaPux and identify potential customers. Initial conversations have been met with enthusiasm from producers, potential transloaders, ports and refiners.

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