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DRM’s exceptional pipe delivery service saves time, money for oil and gas operators

Oil and gas companies are cutting costs wherever possible. The DRM commitment to service saves money when it counts


Entrance to the DRM Group of Companies yard in Midland, Texas.

When the rig is on the well, time is money. Hustling out to the lease with a last minute pipe order can mean the difference between finishing today or keeping the rig over until tomorrow. That extra service puts more money in an operator’s pocket, says┬áDon Meek of DRM Companies.

“Our business model is built on the idea that service is still important,” he said. “You can buy pipe from anybody. But sometimes that extra service makes the difference in how it goes out on the wellsite.”

When the rig crew is waiting for material, everyone’s on standby time, Meek says, and that’s a lot of people and equipment waiting to get back to work. Even in a good market.

“Times are tough right now with the price of oil so low. Operators are looking to become as efficient as they can. If we shorten down times waiting for pipe, then we’ve helped our customer,” he said.

pipeMeek has a long history in the pipe business. He was working in a Midland-area pipe yard in the mid-1980s when the company fell on hard times and sold out. But the buyer struggled, too, and Meek found himself unemployed. After talking it over with his family, he opened the doors to DRM in early 1987.

“Things were kind of in a downturn, as they are now. So a lot of customers were running used pipe and tubing. Over the years we’ve added products and now we’re a full service pipe distributor, including sucker rods and some speciality products like the EndurAlloy tubing,” he said.

DRM’s main yard is located on the I-20 on the outskirts of Midland. The company also has a smaller yard in Pleasant, south of San Antonio, in the Eagle Ford Shale, and stocks pipes with in several Houston locations.

“We currently have sales offices in Dallas, Houston, and recently opened an office in Denver. We hope to get up into the Bakken, but that will depend on what the market does,” Meek said.

Wherever customers buy their DRM pipe they’ll get the same great service and competitive prices, he says, because service is the foundation of the company business model.

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  1. John Brewer says:

    Where can I reach the division order of D.M.R. to check about oil royalties in payne county in Oklahoma on well name Kolb. I have inherited from my mother and want to know what documents to furnish to change in my name so whatever royalties will come to me.

  2. John Brewer says:

    I meant DRM