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GE looks to use AI in electricity grids to save billions annually


GE says its AI technology will significantly boost grid efficiency and save consumers money. General Electric photo.

GE technology optimizes how electricity flows in and out of storage devices

General Electric Co. says it is working on technology that will use artificial intelligence in electricity grids to improve efficiency and save $200 billion globally.

“We’re also putting a lot into the machine learning side, a lot,” Steven Martin, VP, Chief Digital Officer at GE Energy Connections, told the Bloomberg New Energy Finance summit in London. “We have a lot of people working on this.”

GE says the technology would optimize electricity flow in and out of storage devices and points of consumption, in real time.  This shift in technology is expected to significantly boost the efficiency of the grid and save consumers money.

According to Bloomberg, researchers are investigating how AI can be integrated into businesses from healthcare to computing, as well as energy.  The energy industry is in flux right now as everything from power plants to home electricity systems are shifting towards digitization.

“This is an industry that needs infinite disruption,” Martin said.  Martin joined GE in 2016 and had worked at a number of start-ups in Silicon Valley and Microsoft prior to landing at General Electric.

GE is currently filing a number of patents on the technology.

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