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Industrial Internet is backbone of GE/Accenture’ new intelligent pipeline solution

Intelligent Pipeline Solution uses Industrial Internet to integrate wide range of data from internal and external sources

Industrial Internet

A northeast energy company operating 15,000 miles of pipelines in the Marcellus and Utica shale regions is the first to deploy a “breakthrough software solution” that relies on the Industrial Internet to increase the safety and integrity of pipelines.

GE and Accenture, makers of the software, announced that Columbia Pipeline Group is the first company to adopt the Intelligent Pipeline Solution, which helps pipeline operators make better decisions – including monitoring of pipeline threats, improving risk management, and providing situational awareness.

“We are pleased to see data integration begin to come together for improved integrity management,” said Shawn Patterson, COO, Columbia Pipeline Group.

The Intelligent Pipeline Solution is designed to enable operators to prioritize where resources are best applied in order to help reduce the potential for unforeseen events, the companies said in a press release.

“The Intelligent Pipeline Solution provides an integrated, geospatial view of our pipeline assets aligned with critical factors related to pipeline integrity. We look forward to the functionality that future releases of IPS will bring to our organization,” said Patterson.

The solution integrates data from multiple sources including geographic information systems (GIS), work management system, control center, and one-call system, as well as external sources such as National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and United States Geological Survey.

“Intelligent Pipeline Solution is the answer to the critical call from our transportation pipeline customers to address increased compliance regulations, safety concerns, maintenance and integrity management of their pipeline networks.” said Brian Palmer, president and CEO, GE Measurement & Control.

Industrial Internet

GE’s intelligent pipeline solution

The solution also integrates data such as pipeline attributes, risk scores, inline inspection findings, planned assessments, HCA locations, leak history, one-call tickets, emergency valve location, precipitation and fault lines.

A set of filters and layers enables users to examine data in different ways to quickly locate areas of interest and evaluate threats or remediation measures.

“The advent of the Industrial Internet means we are collecting more data than ever before, and GE is uniquely positioned to make that data work for its customers. We’ve taken the first steps in delivering what will be a comprehensive software solution that helps operators make more-informed decisions,” said Palmer.

The global pipeline industry spends $40 billion a year to expand and maintain its network of assets, says Peggy Kostial, senior managing director for Accenture’s North America resources operating group.

“Given 60 per cent of all US pipelines were installed before 1970, safety is increasingly a driving factor for operators such as CPG to achieve real-time and remote monitoring of their thousands of miles of pipeline,” said Kostial.

The Intelligent Pipeline Solution is the first industry solution as part of a strategic global alliance formed by GE and Accenture in 2013 and launched in 2014. Together they are developing technology and analytics applications that help wide-ranging industries take advantage of the massive amounts of data generated through business operations.

“We are excited about applying our industry knowledge, including our understanding of the challenges of pipeline operators, to develop a global standard solution that will deliver value across the industry,” said Peggy.

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