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Post-emissions scandal, VW self driving car to be unveiled

VW self driving car

VW self driving car line is expected to be expanded to 30 models by 2025.

VW self driving car called Sedric capable of fully automated operation

At the Vienna Motor Show this week, the VW self driving car will be revealed as part of the company’s to recover from the emissions cheating scandal that has plagued the international automaker since September of 2015.

Volkswagen, Europe’s biggest carmaker, has said it will invest billions of euros in electric cars, ride-hailing and automated driving technology.  It is expected VW will unveil over 30 EV models by 2025.

This week, VW’s self driving concept car Sedric will be shown to the public.  The car is a so-called Level 5 vehicle capable of fully automated operation and VW Chief Executive Matthias Mueller said the car is the forerunner of more EVs anticipated from the Volkswagen group in upcoming years.

According to VW, Sedric can carry four passengers and could be used as part of a ride-sharing fleet or by individual consumers.

Mueller added VW is hiring top industry specialists and plans to spend billions of euros on automated driving technology alone.

VW’s competition comes from Google, Apple, Uber and traditional car makers.


Two years ago, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its fully autonomous F 015 luxury concept.  Japanese automaker Toyota has said it does not expect to see Level 5 cars in widespread use for another 10-15 years. American automaker Ford does not plan to offer such vehicles for consumers until 2025 or later.


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