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Thermovault – Better oil/water separation for Texas producers

Thermovault is the alternative to heater treaters and fire-tubes

Heater treaters to separate oil from water are inefficient, hazardous, costly, and require expensive maintenance. ThermoVault is an atmospheric, tank-treating system that incorporates catalytic heaters instead of fire-tubes to provide safe, cost-effective alternative for Texas oil producers.


Envirovault is developing new ThermoVault designs that can double or triple the input heat.

ThermoVault uses large catalytic heaters to produce safe, consistent heat, allowing the operator to maintain a steady temperature with the least amount of fuel.

The heaters are housed in an Envirovault recessed in an insulated gun barrel-style tank.

Envirovault provides the Thermovault package to local tank manufacturers for installation in new or existing tanks.

The standard ThermoVault uses three 2’x 6’ Cata-Dyne® heaters rated at180,000 Btus per hour to consistently heat 36 square feet of tank wall surface.

Because the heaters sit on the inside of the tank directly adjacent to the emulsion interval the transfer of heat to the fluid is very effective and efficient.

Thermovaults can be engineered and sized to meet customer requirements depending on gravity, oil/water cut, and flow rate.


  • Safer than heater treaters
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower annual maintenance
  • Smaller battery footprint
  • Works at atmosphere
  • No moving parts
  • Zone 1/Div 1 rated
  • No closed entry permits required

Maple Leaf Marketing of Midland, TX is the USA agent for Envirovault, providing sales/support to both end users and tank manufacturers.


ThermoVault is most effective for 25 o to 45o API oil.

More more information, contact:

Mike Truitt, President

Lyndon Kauk, Vice-President

Bill Truitt, Regional Account Rep

Kevin Tucker, Business Development

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