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UPS looks to add more vehicles run on non-conventional power


UPS will expand its fleet of hybrid, hydraulic hybrid, CNG, LNG, electric, ethanol and propane powered vehicles. 

UPS drives over 1 million alternative fuel, advanced technology miles per business day

As part of its plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 12 per cent in its ground operations by 2025, UPS is looking to expand its fleet of non-conventional fuel vehicles.

Currently, the package delivery company has over 8,300 low emissions vehicles and every business day, the company has calculated it travels over 1 million miles on alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

Alberta TogetherIn 2016, 16 per cent of the new vehicles purchased by UPS were either alternative fuel or advanced technology.  19.6 per cent of conventional diesel and gasoline fuel previously used by the company’s ground fleet has been replaced by alternative fuels, including renewable natural gas and renewable diesel.

UPS forecasts that by 2025, 40 per cent of its total ground-fleet fuel services will be from low carbon fuels and 25 per cent of all vehicles purchased will be alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles, an increase of 19.6 per cent in 2016.

Along with buying non-conventionally powered vehicles, UPS has set up LNG and CNG fuelling stations.  Between 2009 and 2016, UPS invested over $750 million in alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles and fuelling stations.

UPS is also using a navigation software called ORION in the US and since 2013, the company has reduced the distance driven by 210 million miles.  That adds up to a reduction of 210,000 metric tonnes in CO2 emissions as well as cost savings of US$40 million.

As well, UPS hopes to cut total electricity use by 25 per cent in both facilities and vehicles by 2025.

The company says its investments along with supportive government policies and collaborative partners have helped expand the development and utilization of alternative fuels, vehicles and infrastructure globally.

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