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Wellbore clean out with Quantum equals more production

Quantum has expanded and now offers its service in the Permian Basin

Oil wells – particularly horizontal mutli-fracked wells often experience abnormal production declines and need to be cleaned out. Quantum Downhole’s patented JetVak vacuum system keeps wells producing longer and at higher rates compared to conventional wellbore clean out systems, says president Steve Winkler.

wellbore clean out

Quantum’s competitive advantage is a patent pending system that does a better job of cleaning solids and fluids from the laterals of horizontal wells.

The benefits for operators include higher production rates, fewer future interventions, and no formation damage – a risk when using common consequence of existing well clean out methods – which translates into lower operating costs and increased revenue.

How does it work?

The JetVak system has three components: 1) a Dual Coiled tubing string; 2) a modified jet pump at the bottom of the string; 3) a process that includes a specialized program that is executed via skilled technicians.

The Dual Coil configuration allows the bottom hole, high-pressure JetVak pump to circulate high pressure fluid and fluidize the solids in the lateral. Then, a localized vacuum is created through the venturi to suck the slurry into the return conduit of the coil and transport it to a surface return tank.

wellbore clean out

The Quantum system is much more effective and technically advanced than current wellbore clean out methods.  Existing methods create an over-pressured – or over-balanced – environment on the reservoir and remove only a small amount of the sand from the lateral.  A common technique is to pump a high volume of fluid and nitrogen in an attempt to circulate the solids and fluids up the annulus. Not only is a lot of fluid lost, but the well is subjected to so much positive pressure that sometimes the formation is damaged.

And the clean out doesn’t last as long as a Quantum job.

Winkler and two partners founded Quantum in 2008. The first year or two were spent servicing gas wells, but the decline in natural gas prices forced the company to look at new markets. Since horizontal wells were rapidly gaining acceptance at that time, Quantum adapted its tools to the new application.

wellbore clean out

“In 2010 we started primarily working on shallow to medium-depth horizontal multi-fracked oil wells and cold heavy oil horizontals up in the Lloydminster area,” says Winkler. 

Quantum is slowly moving into ever deeper wells. The company currently has two rigs, one that’s capable of 3,500 metres and another designed for shallow wells with a maximum depth of 2,200 metres.

Winkler says customers have been patient with the company as it refined the technology and its procedures because they understand the potential benefits as the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin matures and older horizontal wells require more interventions to maintain production.

“We’re very confident working in these medium to deep horizontal wells now,” says Winkler. “Our customers know that the problems we’re here to provide solutions for will only get worse in the future as the basin matures and pressure drops in the reservoirs.”

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