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Alberta hires ICF International to roll out commercial energy efficiency program

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Alberta

2014 Ipsos-Reid poll finds 78% of Albertan’s support energy efficiency program

Energy Efficiency Alberta has selected ICF International, a consulting and technology services provider to serve as program implementer for Energy Efficiency Alberta’s (EEA) Business, Non-Profit and Institutional (BNI) Energy Savings program, according to a press release from ICF International.

ICF International is a company based in Fairfax, Virginia, U.S. with an office in Calgary and has been doing business in Alberta for 18 years, according to Colin Murray, a lead project manager for ICF International. They are hiring eight Albertans to support program implementation.

energy efficiency

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“We’re implementing the program from start until finish. We’re given an initial list of energy efficiency measures that they would like to see in the program, we refine that and now once that list of measures, which is available on the website for download, with those initial measures, now we’re in full operation of the programs,” said Colin Murray, ICF International project manager based in Ottawa.

The contract with ICF  is one year and costing the government $3,273,007, while the program will have an incentives budget of $10 million available to eligible organizations who apply.

“We’re accepting applications from building owners for processing their application – making sure that they’ve done what they said that they were going to do, that they’re living in the province and then sending out rebate cheques directly to the end user of the equipment,” said Murray.

According to the Alberta government, only one Alberta-based company submitted a proposal, which had delivery costs nearly double the winning proposal.

Five proposals were received and an internal and external cross-ministry team evaluated, scored and ranked the proposals. Proposals were evaluated based on fixed criteria, which included qualifications and experience, work plan, pricing and budget, according to Alberta press secretary Brent Wittmeier.

The BNI Energy Savings Program expects about 3,000 businesses as participants. ICF will be handling the program for Alberta business to business only, not consumers.

Overall, the program is expected to support the creation of about 280 full-time jobs for Albertans, according to the Alberta government.

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“ICF has the experts, experience and intellectual property needed to stand up and support comprehensive energy efficiency programs quickly and efficiently. We have demonstrated this ability time and again as we continue to build new programs in new jurisdictions across North America and grow our presence in western Canada,” according to Duncan Rotherham, vice president for ICF.

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