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Markham Hislop, Energy Reporter

Markham Hislop, publisher, editor, columnist

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William Munsey former president, Alberta Party


Subscribe now for as little as $50/year


Markham Hislop, energy reporter being interviewed

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Subscribe now for as little as $50/year


“True old-school journalism online is a rarity, but Markham delivers insights into the energy sector without all the partisan hype.”

Doug Lacombe, CEO of Communicatto


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Few stories today are more important than energy and climate change.

Markham Hislop.

Markham founded North American Energy News on the ideas that the global economy has begun a long-term Energy Transition and that readers should be informed about both the oil/gas sector AND clean energy.

Markham’s journalism has been featured in print media such as Alberta Oil, Canadian Business, Hart Energy, World Oil, and Vancouver Magazine. He is regularly interviewed by radio stations in Alberta and British Columbia for his views on the energy stories of the day.

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