Texas Oct. drilling permits down 2,224 compared to last year

Texas rig count as of Nov. 6 was 340, representing about 44% of active rigs in United States

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Oil Drilling

AUSTIN – The Railroad Commission of Texas issued a total of 822 original drilling permits in Oct. 2015 compared to 3,046 in Oct. 2014. The Oct. total included 689 permits to drill new oil or gas wells, four to re-enter plugged well bores and 129 for re-completions of existing well bores.

The breakdown of well types for those permits issued in Oct. 2015 included 198 oil, 54 gas, 524 oil or gas, 34 injection, one service and 11 other permits.

In Oct. 2015, Commission staff processed 1,138 oil, 196 gas, 53 injection and nine other completions compared to 2,035 oil, 354 gas, 63 injection and three other completions in Oct. 2014.

Total well completions for 2015 year to date are 17,545 down from 25,604 recorded during the same period in 2014.

According to Baker Hughes Inc., the Texas rig count as of November 6 was 340, representing about 44 percent of all active rigs in the United States.