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Our readership is well educated, well off, and well informed

Markham Hislop, publisher, North American Energy News.

Markham On Energy is the #1 reason why your business or organization should advertise with North American Energy News. On average, each month 50,000 people – and that number is growing steadily – read Markham Hislop’s column for interviews and analysis they won’t find anywhere else.

Markham is responsible for 35-40% of North American Energy News readership. His Markham On Energy column is widely read by energy influencers – industry professionals, executives, politicians and government officials, social media influencers – because he has a reputation for outstanding journalism and clear-eyed insight.

Markham is rapidly gaining a reputation in both Canada and the United States because of his work on the Energy Transition. No other North American journalist has written as extensively or as perceptively about competition between fossil fuels and the emerging clean energy technologies.

North American Energy News (NAEN) is an energy news website focusing on Alberta, British Columbia, and Texas. 

Almost 45% of readers have a family income of $100,000/year or more.



  • married (65%)
  • well-educated (70% have a university or college degree)
  • between 30 and 60 years old (75%)
  • have children (62%)
  • own their  homes (85%).
  • are male (68%)

North American Energy News readers are known for vigorous – but respectful – debate on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter. They share Markham On Energy columns and news stories extensively with their network, often starting their own discussion threads and recommending NAEN to their friends and family.


Unique page views: 75,000 to 100,000 per month

Alberta – 53% of unique pageviews

  • Calgary – 32.5%
  • Edmonton – 11%
  • Rest of Alberta – 9%

Remainder of readership from British Columbia, USA, and various countries.

Distribution drivers

Social media drives 56.5% of all NAEN readership, followed by email (25%), organic search (14.5%), and referral (4%). 

Of the social media platforms, Facebook drives 86.25% of readers, followed by Twitter at 12.26%.

Advertising story for Maple Leaf Marketing of Midland, Texas features a client testimonial that has been viewed thousands of times.


Sponsor Markham On Energy columns

Markham On Energy columns usually generate 2,000 to 4,000 reads per column; occasionally one will go viral and be viewed by 10,000-plus. Businesses, professionals, and organizations can sponsor a column for $300. Sponsorship includes a 300 x 300 pixel graphic ad with custom design, copy, and contact information that runs high up in the column so readers are sure to notice it.

Clients can sponsor as many columns per month as they like.

Custom Campaigns

North American Energy News custom designs campaigns using the following components:

  • Stories – visibly branded as advertising
  • Video – professional cameras, gear, editing computers, etc. Also capture webinar interview video and edit for advertising purposes
  • Webinars – Markham can interview your CEO about an announcement or the sales manager about a new product. NAEN registers the attendees. Webinar video is recorded and edited for use as a marketing tool.

Campaign pricing

Cost depends upon a wide range of variables, including:

  • Number of stories
  • Type and length of video
  • Number of webinars
  • Promoting campaign on social media platforms
  • Design of infographics or other custom marketing material
  • Length of campaign or number of clicks/reads

Typical campaigns consisting of one story and a video without promotion start at $5,000.

Campaign targeting

Google Adwords, social media boosting, and other targeting techniques can be used to pinpoint the demographic and geographic audience desired by the client.

Client examples:

Maple Leaf Marketing – Enduralloy

Production Lift Technologies Inc. – Well Automation

Contact us today to discuss an advertising campaign for your business or organization

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Markham Hislop

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