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Well automation reduces costs, boosts production for Permian Basin operators

Complete well automation system, including installation, as low as $3,000

Monitoring and optimizing wells remotely is a great way for the modern oilfield to deliver ever greater efficiency, driving down costs to remain competitive when prices are low, says Mike Swihart, CEO of Production Lift Technologies.

well automation

Plunger Lift Technologies automation technicians are highly trained and experienced.

“We belive the industry is going to have to be more efficient in everything it does,” he said. “Especially through automation. We can cover a lot more ground, keep a lot more wells online. Tremendous cost savings. The entire industry is headed that way.”

The Midland-based well automation company offers a full range of remote monitoring services:

  • Eliminate the need for a pumper making daily well inspections
  • Allow highly trained technicians to maximize production
  • Spot problems quicker, before they become bigger problems
  • Automation costs have fallen dramatically in the past few years

“With the automation services we offer right now, we can put eyes on any well where you have Internet or smartphone access and read that well data 24/7,” said Swihart.

PLST-contact-info“You can watch pressure, plunger arrivals, plunger speed, make adjustments – basically anything you want to. Same thing as if you drove up to well and opened up the controller.”

Swihart says customers are surprised how affordable automation systems have become. Ten years ago, when he was first investigating the automation business, systems could easily cost $20,000.

“That was just a tough number back then. Then the price dropped to $10,000 and then $5,000. And now we offer a complete automation package for $3,000. That includes equipment, installed in the field by a crew, you’re up and running,” he said.

“The economics of automation have come a long way. Customers are beginning to realize that it’s becoming very affordable.”

Production Lift Technologies was created because Swihart wanted it to focus exclusively on automation technology. Company technicians don’t do sales or any other technical work, like servicing plunger lifts. The full-time service technicians specialize in automation and they’re good at it.

“When you see them deploy in field, they look different. They go out in specially equipped panel vans, basically moving electronic repair rooms,” he said. “They can break systems down inside those vans without ever having to worry about the weather outside.”


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