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West Texas bedrock liquids handling facility opened by Prism Midstream

Prism Midstream has executed definitive agreements with ELTM, L.P. and Texon LP among others for capacity


Prism facility

BEDFORD, Texas – Prism Midstream LLC announced it began accepting NGL’s and condensate at the Bedrock Liquids Handling Facility in Crockett County, Texas in May. The facility handles both on-spec and off-spec NGLs and off-spec condensate.

The facility has been in full operation since June 1.

The facility has an initial capacity of 3,000 bpd of off-spec NGLs and 3,000 b/d of off-spec condensate. It’s expandable to 6,000 bpd each of NGL and condensate.

The facility as currently configured can accept 4,500 b/d of on-spec NGLs in addition to the off-spec capabilities. It’s equipped with six truck unloading and loading spots and is a reliable outlet for both on and off-spec NGLs and for off-spec condensate.

It’s located in the southern portion of the Midland Basin just north of Ozona, Texas with direct access to U.S. Highway 190 to receive incoming trucked liquids.

“With the increase in crude production and the associated condensate and NGLs in the Permian, a liquids facility that will receive and handle on-spec and off-spec liquids will be critical to both producers and midstream companies,” said Doug Coleman, Prism’s Vice President of New Ventures.

The facility treats all normal off specification issues (e.g., color, corrosion, carbon dioxide as well as methane) and delivers NGLs that meet pipeline specifications or condensate that has a Reid vapor pressure of 9 pounds per square inch and sulfur content of less than 10 parts per million.

“This facility will unload your truck and handle on-spec or off-spec NGLs and condensate, leaving your truck available to pick up the next load with no unexpected mileage or unscheduled delays. In addition, we are set up to accurately test your incoming loads and to quickly offload them,” said Coleman.

Prism has executed definitive agreements with ELTM, L.P. and Texon LP among others for capacity.

ELTM, an Enbridge company, markets NGLs and condensate at major market hubs throughout the United States.

ELTM transports NGLs and condensate from Enbridge and third-party processing plants and delivers them to markets that maximize their value.

Texon provides purchasing, transportation, and marketing services for condensate, Y-grades, and purity NGLs in all major producing basins throughout the United States.

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