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RRC asks Attorney General to consider litigation related to EPA Methane Rules

“One again, the EPA is improperly injecting bureaucracy and mandates where private business already thrives”

AUSTIN – All three Texas Railroad Commissioners are asking the Texas Attorney General to file a Petition for Review relating to the Environmental Protection Agency’s rules over methane and other emissions from oil and gas wells and associated facilities.

“These rules are just another assault from the Obama Administration in its war against fossil fuels and a blatant attempt to forcibly take over the regulation of Texas’ oil and gas industry, a job the Railroad Commission has excelled at for almost a century,” said Chairman David Porter.


“These overbearing regulations accomplish nothing other than encumbering business, wounding our economy and killing the jobs Texans rely on to support their families. I appreciate the Attorney General’s consideration in this matter and look forward to working together to protect our state from the oppressive ambitions of this Administration,” said Porter.


“These new rules would have little to no impact on the environment while placing an undue burden on an industry that is succeeding in this area on its own. As a natural response to the free market, methane emissions have dramatically fallen during recent energy growth, thanks to technology and industry leadership on the issue. One again, the EPA is improperly injecting bureaucracy and mandates where private business already thrives,” said Commissioner Christi Craddick.


“The EPA’s methane rules will harm Texas energy producers and accomplish very little in terms of protecting the environment. EPA needs to follow the law, produce better scientific analysis, and properly consider the economic implications of their rules. I’m confident General Paxton will successfully challenge these flawed rules,” said Commissioner Ryan Sitton.

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