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West Texas E3 Summit Aug. 10-11 brings together energy industry, educators

Jason Latimer, judge on the popular Syfy TV show, “Wizard Wars,” one of featured speakers at E3 Summit

west texas energy consortiumAbilene, Texas – With the oil and gas economy on the upswing after two years of low oil prices, businesses and educators are gathering to discuss the future of students in the West Texas energy industry at the E3 Summit.

The West Texas Energy Consortium, along with the West Central Texas Workforce Board, will be holding the “E3 Summit: Powering the Economy 2016” for educators across the state on August 10 and 11 at the Abilene Civic Center.

One of the reasons for hosting an event of this caliber west of the I-35 corridor is to, “bring business and education partners together and help shape a successful future for our students, local businesses throughout the region and our communities,” according to Katherine Stokes, Executive Director of the Consortium.

The long-term vision of the West Texas Energy Consortium and the E3 Summit is to bring organizations and their employees together with schools and educators to provide opportunities and experiences beyond the regular curriculum, the organization said in a press release.

This will assist with future endeavors for student internships, apprenticeships and educator externships throughout the region.

E3 says the objective is to “elevate professional skills, learn more about creative tools and get inspired by presentations without leaving your own backyard.”

The West Texas Energy Consortium says it is “thrilled” to have Jason Latimer and Dr. Marshall Goldsmith speak at the Summit.

Latimer, newly appointed Curator of Impossible Science at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center and judge on the popular Syfy TV show, “Wizard Wars” has spent his entire life pondering one question: “What is possible?” This simple childhood question has led to an ongoing education in mathematics, applied physics, chemistry, psychology and economics through his work.

Latimer’s live shows, television specials, keynotes and exhibits inspire millions worldwide to see beyond the illusion of knowledge.

Collectively his work is designed to unite all sciences with illusion to inspire thinking, wonder and curiosity in a science center.

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is recognized as the #1 Leadership Thinker in the World as well as one of the top 10 most influential, top ranked executive coaches.

“He is one of the few executive advisors who has been asked to work with more than 150 CEOs and their management teams. Abilene is honored to host such an esteemed conference,”  said Trish Dressen, director of communication for the West Texas Energy Consortium.

Goldsmith’s work has been featured in a The New Yorker profile, Harvard Business Review interview, Forbes feature story and Business Strategy Review cover story (from the London Business School).

“Overall, the conference will pump close to $200,000 into the Abilene economy in two short days. We’re proud to have such an innovative event in our educational hub of a community,” said Dressen.



Day 1: Education & Professional Development Focus- Promises interactive demos and exhibits bringing experts in STEM fields to West Texas in order to support K-12 educators and provide engaging methods of teaching and learning for rural educators.

Attendees will participate in content-based discussions, share classroom materials, learn about web-based teaching resources, and exchange best practices.

Day 2: Workforce & Economic Development Focus – Workforce, business, school board, education administrators and economic development leaders will hear from distinguished, passionate speakers and explore innovative ways to prepare the workforce of tomorrow.


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