EndurAlloy™ – Super tough production tubing

EndurAlloy™ is J55 production tubing with boron diffused into substrate to create extra hard interior surface

EndurAlloy™ tubing has a 13-year proven track record of extending well run-times in Texas oil fields. No other product offers the superior wear, abrasion, and corrosion protection of EndurAlloy™.

EndurAlloyEndurAlloy™ outperforms products like poly-lined and plastic-coated tubing.

EndurAlloy™ is standard production tubing that has been specially treated using a chemical-vapour deposition process to diffuse boron into the substrate, creating a new alloy that is extremely hard and abrasion resistant.

Typical applications include:

  1. One joint as a blast joint above the seating nipple
  2. 10+/- joints in the bottom of the pump section
  3. 10 – 5o joints in deviated sections with heavy side load

EndurAlloy6 benefits of EndurAlloy™ over carbon steel production tubing

  1. Longer run-times than bare tubing or lined/coated tubing.
  2. No special handling requirements.
  3. Better friction co-efficient than bare tubing, resulting in longer sucker rod life.
  4. EndurAlloy™ tubing is effective in a variety of producing environments including H2S, CO2 flood, water flood, and steam injection, and can be used in wells with operating temperatures as high as 900F.
  5. The ID of the tube is unchanged, allowing for full bore production.
  6. EndurAlloy™ is not subject to pits, voids, holidays, collapse, etc. associated with lined or internally coated tubing.

EndurAlloy™ is manufactured by Endurance Technologies Inc. at a state-of-the-art plant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada using custom-designed furnaces and materials handling equipment.

Maple Leaf Marketing Inc. is the American marketing agent for Endurance Technologies Inc.


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