Energy Efficiency Alberta aims to promote and support energy efficiency and community energy systems (including micro-generation and small-scale generation) for homes, businesses and communities.

Initial programs include a Direct Install Residential Program, a Residential Consumer Products Program and a Business Non-Profit and Institutional Rebate Program.

  • Direct Install Residential Program will offer direct, no-charge installation of low-cost energy efficiency products to residences, such as lighting, water and heating components.
  • Residential Consumer Products Program will offer point of sale rebates to residential customers at retail outlets with products such as lighting, insulation and appliances.
  • Business, Non-Profit and Institutional Rebate Program will offer incentives for high-efficiency products and installation of electric and gas based products such as lighting, heating and cooling systems and hot water systems.

The Chair and Board of directors were announced, as followed:

David Dodge, Chair

  • The chair of the Board is David Dodge from Green Energy futures. David has a long history working as a producer, researcher and communicator about Alberta’s environment, was the former President of Edmonton’s Community Leagues and is currently co-chair of the Energy Transition Committee for the City of Edmonton.

Vittoria Bellissimo, Vice-Chair

  • Vittoria Bellissimo is a professional engineer with experience in energy efficiency who has worked with Alberta’s large industrial electricity consumers.

Joseph Albert Jobin

  • Joseph Albert Jobin has a background in education and commerce and is the Chief Operating Officer of Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta.

Peter Love

  • Peter Love served as Ontario’s Chief Conservation Officer when that province began its efficiency programs.

Helen A. Rice

  • Helen Rice is a former president of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association and has more than 30 years of experience as a councillor with the City of Grande Prairie.

Kyla Sandwith

  • Kyla Sandwith has a background in law and management consulting as well as experience in Calgary’s non-profit sector.

Until now, Alberta was the only jurisdiction in North America without energy efficiency programming. To ensure that Albertans receive access to programs in a timely manner, the government is releasing a Request for Proposals to support the agency.

The RFPs will identify third parties who are capable of delivering programs so Albertans can begin participating early next year.

“Albertans have a keen interest in clean energy and energy efficiency. I look forward to working with them to leverage that interest, help them save energy, help make businesses more competitive and support new jobs in energy efficiency and clean energy,” said David Dodge, Chair for Energy Efficiency Alberta.

Ph: 432-978-5096 Website:

Ph: 432-978-5096 Website: