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Gas prices jump by 17 cents over past 2 weeks, to $2.02

Gas prices up due to increased demand, higher crude prices

gas prices

Gas prices in the Lower 48 states were highest in Los Angeles at $2.72 per gallon and lowest in Newark, New Jersey at $1.66 a gallon.  Shell photo by Oliver Reck

CAMARILLO, Calif. _ The average price of gasoline has jumped by 17 cents over the past two weeks, to $2.02 a gallon for regular grade.

Industry analyst Trilby Lundberg said Sunday that the hike is due to growing demand for gasoline across the nation and higher crude oil prices.

Lundberg says the increase is part of a trend that has seen the price spike nearly a quarter over four weeks.

In the Lower 48 states, the highest average price of regular gasoline was $2.72 per gallon in Los Angeles. The lowest was $1.66 in Newark, New Jersey.

The U.S. average diesel price is $2.15 per gallon, up about 9 cents from two weeks ago.

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