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Trump, NAFTA, border tax – “Market intelligence” from North American Energy News

Market intelligence services: Webinars, regular updates, breaking news bulletins, rapid response to client questions about issues

Businesses dislike uncertainty. With the election of Donald Trump, the Alberta oil and gas industry is facing significant uncertainty: changes to NAFTA and other trade rules, and the possible imposition of a “border adjustment tax.” North American Energy News Inc. offers “issues intelligence” services that provide timely insight into these critical topics.

Markham Hislop, senior energy journalist and publisher of North American Energy News, whose work has appeared in Canadian Business, Alberta Oil Magazine, World Oil, and Vancouver Magazine.

Did you know that the border adjustment tax proposal is part of a comprehensive Republican tax reform package (called “A Better Way”) unveiled last June?

Markham Hislop has interviewed American and Canadian experts, and written about the GOP plan and its implications for Canadian oil and gas.

Now, he and his editorial team will build on that reportage to give you and your team valuable inside information about the Trump Administration politics and policy making, NAFTA negotiations, and the proposed border adjustment tax.

If your company is an Alberta-based energy producer, oil patch service or manufacturing company, and doing business in the United States, you and your team need this information.

Paul Ryan, House speaker, is leading the charge on American tax reform.

Market and issues intelligence from the oil and gas industry’s point of view for your management team.

What you need to know, when you need to know it.

Critical insights generated by journalists who know how – and where – to dig for the facts.


  1. Written introduction to Trump Administration policy making, where NAFTA is headed, and American tax reform (including the border adjustment tax).
  2. Concise, easy to read, twice-a-month updates on the issues.
  3. Breaking news bulletins: Updates in your inbox on relevant Trump, trade, and tax stories as they’re breaking.
  4. Response to questions: Need to know about some aspect of the issues? Markham and his team will track down the information and provide a timely written answer.
  5. Questions to American experts where clients can engage with economists, academics, bureaucrats, elected officials, etc. Available only to issues intelligence clients.

Cost: $2,000 for six months

Custom packages: If your management team requires more (or less) information, we can customize a package to meet every need.

Schedule: Updates will be provided on the first and 15th of every month. Breaking news sent by email immediately.

Contact: Call or email Markham today.
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